Carpenter Ant control

Lake Country Pest Control specialises in carpenter ant control in the Okanagan Valley! We do free inspections. Carpenter ant treatments can be extensive and may involve drilling and injecting wall and ceiling voids in addition to exterior treatments.

Carpenter ant control can save the structure of your home from significant damage

carpenter_ant4Carpenter ants are large, black in colour and build their parent colonies in dead, damp wood. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood, they simply hollow it out. They often build their nests in wall and ceiling joists. If left untreated, these joists will significantly weaken due to the tunnelling and can eventually collapse. Damage may be confused with boring beetles, cornfield ants and dampwood or subterranean termites.

Piles of sawdust (or frass) can commonly be found in close proximity to a carpenter ant nest. Frass is a combination or finely chewed wood dust and other insect waste.

Parts of a house most susceptible to carpenter ant infestations are areas adjacent to or directly in contact with windows, roof eaves, decks and porches.  These are all areas most vulnerable to moisture.

Carpenter ants are most active at night. Evening is the best time to try and locate a nest – just follow the marching band. A carpenter ant will search up to several hundred feet for food. The main nest is usually outdoors and always in a permanently moist area, particularly where wood is in contact with soil. Satellite nests (extensions of the main nest) are commonly found in structures – inside walls, in ceilings, under outdoor siding.

Activity levels for Carpenter ants is high in spring and early summer when the ants are searching for new locations for satellite nests.

Residential Service Programme would minimize this threat from your home.

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