houseResidential Preventative Programmes

This preventative programme offers clients year round peace of mind and moderate protection from crawling structural pests. Clients receive 4 – 6 pre-scheduled visits beginning April/May and ending September/October. In between Lake Country Pest Control is available for emergency or individual spot treatments on a cost per visit basis.

On each pre scheduled visit the home will have Integrated Pest Management inspection for pest activity and a preventative exterior perimeter treatment applied to the foundation where accessible. Safely reachable soffits and roof peaks will also be inspected and treated for prevention of flying structural pests. An interior basement baseboard treatment is available for control of spiders and other basement dwellers! Applications offer minimal disruption to occupiers and once applied, the quick drying compound will not mark flooring or walls and will provide an effective barrier against usual structural pests for 5-8+ weeks. These pests include but are not limited to: Spiders (including Black Widows & Hobos), ants (including Carpenter & Odorous ants), millipedes, earwigs and storage pests such as Larder and Grain beetles. A year round rodent control & monitoring programme is available and can be added if desired..

On each visit clients will receive a work order style report containing information on any insect activity noted, description of remedial action taken and recommendations to help with future pest issues. Directly targeting specific problem pests while educating customers is a crucial element of any successful pest control programme. With this in mind each client is provided with a personalized hard backed ring-binder for neatly storing the record sheets, current licences and any other associated documents.

  • Year round peace of mind
  • Safe & effective methods
  • Government Licensed
  • Member NPMA & SPMABC
  • $2M Liability Insurance & Work Safe BC registered
  • Locally owned & operated


Free site visits and written estimates can be provided. Call Lake Country Pest Control now at 250 808 3552 or contact Lake Country Pest Control by email