Wasp / Hornet Control

WaspsThe most common and aggressive type of wasp found in the Okanagan Valley is the Yellow Jacket.

Typically Yellow jackets build their large paper nests in trees. However, yellow jacket nests are also commonly found in attics, wall voids, soffits and even in-ground, below sidewalks, pavement slabs, large rocks or plants.

In addition to wasp control and prevention, we also specialize in complete clean-ups of the affected area.

Bald faced hornets are the most common type of hornet found on the west coast. Bald faced hornets are robust, black flying insects with a patch of white on the head. They can be aggressive if provoked.

Both yellow jackets and bald faced hornets can sting multiple times.

The wasp and hornet season is generally from May to September.

Wasp looking at a...

Residential Service Programme would minimize this threat from your home.

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