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Lake Country Pest Control provides professional pest control services to homes and businesses in the Okanagan Valley. Locally owned and operated Lake Country Pest Control offers a fast, professional and reliable service.

Expert and professional service are the qualities that have made Lake Country Pest Control the go-to company for pest problems since 2009 in:

  • Lake Country BC
  • Kelowna BC
  • West Kelowna BC
  • Oyama BC
  • Coldstream BC
  • Vernon BC
  • Surrounding areas

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We’ve Got Ants With Wings

A common misconception about ants is that winged ants are a species separate from all other ants. Every type of ant has reproductive swarmers (or winged ants) in it’s colony and every ant colony “swarms” once a year. Winged ants can be carpenter ants, pavement ants, odorous ants, cornfield ants etc.

An ant swarm is a collection of the reproductive males and females only (reproductives are the only ants with wings in a colony). After mating, the males drop the wings and the females fly on to try and establish new colonies.


I had Andy bring his team in to my place to remove some very annoying little mice, problem solved! Great Job Andy!

Jeff Paulson