About Us

lake_country_pest_controlLake Country Pest Control provides professional pest control services to homes and businesses in the Okanagan Valley. Locally owned and operated Lake Country Pest Control offers a fast and reliable service.

Expert and professional service are the qualities that have made Lake Country Pest Control the go-to company for pest control in the Okanagan Valley:

  • Lake Country BC
  • Kelowna BC
  • West Kelowna BC
  • Oyama BC
  • Coldstream BC
  • Vernon BC
  • Surrounding areas

Lake Country Pest Control provides solutions for the control, extermination, removal and cleanup of common household pests like antswaspsspidersmice & ratsearwigs, birds and bats, bed bugs, squirrels, wildlife and other unwanted pests common to the Okanagan Valley.

We provide Residential & Commercial pest control service.

Whether it be an isolated pest issue or whether a regular preventative program is required, Lake Country Pest Control guarantees a fast and professional service. Specializing in IPM consulting Lake Country Pest Control also provides detailed IPM Reports or Wood Destroying Inspect Reports. These reports highlight how conducive to insect and other pest activity a structure is and search for any evidence of wood destroying insects within a structure. These are useful tools for real estate agents, home or business buyers/sellers/renters and other interested parties.

Lake Country Pest Control is a member of the National Pest Management Association, Canadian Pest Management Association, Structural Pest Management Association of British Columbia, carries $2M Liability insurance from Marsh Canada and is Work Safe BC affiliated.

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