Bird & Bat Control

Bird Control

It isn’t necessary to compromise the aesthetics of your structure to get a practical solution to your bird problem. Lake Country Pest Control offers a variety of low profile bird control solutions including bird wire and bird spikes in addition to traditional methods such as bird spike and bird netting.


Bird Spike Install Lenda 012Pigeons are becoming a nuisance bird in the Okanagan. Old prevention methods such as trapping and shooting though legal, are not a long term solution to nuisance pigeons. Pigeon control is best accomplished by permanently excluding them from their roosting or nesting area.


Lake Country Pest Control also offers seagull control. Seagulls can become very aggressive towards people during their nesting stage. Roof top patios near the ocean are a favourite seagull nesting site.


Most sparrows are non-native and for this reason not protected in B.C. and can be removed from homes and businesses.

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Bat Control

bc_batBats are protected by law so it is important to check with animal control or wildlife services for any regulations before bat-proofing the home. The best time to bat-proof is the start of autumn, when bats leave for hibernation.

At dusk, homeowners should inspect the exterior of the home and observe where bats enter and exit. Common access points include attic louvers and under facia boards. It is recommended that homeowners seal any cracks or crevices with caulk and steel wool. Pay special attention to holes in the structure that lead to dark secluded areas, like attics and belfries. Also, screen attic vents and openings to chimneys, and install door sweeps. Exclusion is the only method to keep bats out long term – see Pest Entry Point Exclusion

Homeowners should contact a licensed pest professional if an active bat infestation is suspected, as the problem often can not be controlled with do-it-yourself measures.


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