Business Preventative Programmes

If you are concerned about insects or rodents taking over your business in the Okanagan Valley Lake Country Pest Control is ready to help.  Our highly effective insect and rodent control programs are designed to eliminate current insect activity as well prevent future infestations.  Let us protect your business from nuisance and potentially damaging pests.

Are Spiders Or Other Insects Taking Over Your Company?

Your business can do without the spiders. Spiders can be upsetting to your customers, your employees and maybe even you. The health issues caused by Aggressive House SpidersHobo Spiders and the Black Widow spider are enough to turn people away from your business.  Also whether or not it is true, the assumption is that if there are spiders crawling all over the exterior, then they must also be on the inside!

Unsightly webbing is almost always associated with a high spider activity. We can take care of it for you. Cracks, crevices, corners, walls and particularly lights can be cleaned of webbing and treated to deter spiders from returning.

Lake Country Pest Control business preventative programmes are the perfect solution. Based on our inspection of your location, we can recommend the right service strategy to keep spiders away.
Added bonus! The strategies we use for the business preventative program also work to keep many other crawling insects and storage pests away from your structure.

Monthly Rodent Monitoring Programs

A regular monthly rodent monitoring programme greatly reduces the potential for any embarrassing situations arising from these pests. Even minimal rodent activity can be quickly identified and any necessary action taken.

  • Professional & reliable service
  • Discreet – visits can take place out of your regular business hours.
  • Available for evenings and weekends  & Emergency call outs
  • Government Licensed, Insured & Work Safe BC Registered
  • Locally owned & operated

We’ll begin with a careful inspection of your business and surrounding property and based on that assessment, develop a plan that is designed specifically for your business. On the initial visit and each subsequent visit thereafter, clients will be given a work order style Integrated Pest Management Report containing information on any rodent or insect activity noted, description of remedial action taken and recommendations highlighting any potential areas of concern. By following the recommendations outlined on these reports and by making small changes to how we run our businesses, it is the aim that long term natural pest control solutions can be achieved.

With this in mind each client is provided with a personalised hard backed ring-binder for neatly storing the record sheets, current licences and all other associated documents.

Need help with a Business Preventative Programme in the Okanagan Valley?

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